Case Study
(SME re-engineering)

Business Re-Engineering: To re-evaluate the operations of an SME in multiple businesses .. Taking the leap from running from a business center to their own offices.


 Case Study Summary:

Working alongside a start-up company which survived the Covid years, and established a strong referral customer base, Queensman was invited to work through the last 1 year to aid the company to springboard to the next level of business revenue

Project Duration & Team:

Team of multi-discipline consultants worked alongside the entrepreneurs over the course of quarterly milestones along a 15 month roadmap. True example of partnering with the client team.

Project Summary:

Queensman Management Consultants established a 15 month phased approach to assess, refine and implement all aspects of the business from redefining the USPs, auditing operation practises, building measurable SQ metrics, and establishing sales and marketing strategies to match the business plan.
Over the course of the 15 months, the teams cam together to establish the quarterly strategy and objectives and the company would then implement these. Every quarter the teams would come together assess performance, re-align to objectives and push forward.

Project Value – Incremental Gain:

The project success was best defined by the client team as ‘… has been a trying experience to get us out of a business center into our own offices … lots of challenging times .. well-worth the journey in succeeding.’

Client feedback

” Working in true partnership with the Queensman Q A E has truly been an exceptional journey. We’ve had seamless team work where you would never identify who was who in our working together. We’d do it all over again Indeed, we are anticipating that with the next stages of growth we will have Q A E back with our teams. Thank you, Queensman Management Consultancy! ‘partner, Dubai office, Confidential Company”

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