Case Study
(SME re-engineering)

Business Re-Engineering: Performance Analysis of a new product line for a FMCG manufacturer, sales versus plans, short-lived success. Lessons learnt for introduction of new flavor products. 


 Case Study Summary:

To re-evaluate the sub expectations performance of a FMCG product line in introducing a new flavour for the Middle East region.

Project Duration & Team:

Consultant placed at Manufacturer head office in Cairo, Egypt for a 1 month period.


Project Summary:

The team was assigned to evaluate how the client business functions work and create a common CRM system with which the client teams can work effectively as the company grows. The option was to use available CRM system and customise to match the workflows to give a fit-for-purpose tool.

Project Value – Incremental Gain:

Analyzing the processes in judging whether to proceed and the data driven approach behind these processes, the project bought value in identifying the bias data and people can have in making decisions. Lessons were established as parameters to making future decisions of introducing new product varieties.

Client feedback

“An insightful project to allow us to establish better guidelines in decision making”

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